Thursday, 26 April 2007

Norton Antivirus UK 2007

Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus UK (NAV) is designed to protect your computer from every imaginable type of virus, regardless of whether the virus has been contracted via an Internet download, a floppy disk, a CD-ROM drive, an e-mail message attachment, or your office network.

NAV is replete with user configurable options and includes several handy tools which perform essential tasks like automatically downloading the latest NAV virus definition updates (via LiveUpdate), creating an emergency backup disk in case a virus infects your system’s boot sector or RAM (via Norton Rescue), and automatically scanning your files in the background for viruses (via Auto-Protect).

Bloodhound Heuristic Technology
Bloodhound scrutinizes the overall structure, logic, data, and other attributes of a program and then uses heuristic logic to assess the likelihood of viral infection. This allows NAV to provide some of the best virus protection available, automatically detecting and disinfecting up to 95% of all new and unknown viruses.

Norton AntiVirus for the New Millennium
The latest incarnation of NAV expands upon the powerful virus scanner by adding extensive Internet support. Newer releases automatically protect you from contracting a malicious virus via e-mail attachments, file downloads, ActiveX code, Java applets, Trojan horses, or any other Internet source.

The e-mail protection is particularly useful in that NAV can detect and disinfect any viruses found in e-mail messages — even in compressed attachments. The e-mail scanning engine works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora (Light and Pro), and Netscape (Mail and Messenger). The engine runs automatically in the background and only appears when a virus is found in a message attachment.

Additional features in NAV include:

· Text-based scanning for specific folders or directories,
· Improved file detection and repair capabilities for compressed archives,
· Graphical virus alerts that identify viruses within your system,
· Improved updating of virus definition files via LiveUpdate,
· Automatic virus alert messages that report new virus information,
· Full Windows 2000 and Windows XP compatibility,
· and much more.